Fossil fuel-free municipalities – English summary

This website is about the project Fossil fuel-free municipalities in Skåne 2.0. It provides results, best practices, and tools on how to make the transition to a fossil fuel-free business.

The project focused on making municipalities fuel-free. The efforts include public transport, district heating, cooling and electricity.

As part of the project, municipalities worked on a variety of projects, which are summarized on this website.

Summaries of a selection of sub-projects are described under the heading “Arbetsmetoder” (Work practices). The actual documents and tools used by the municipalities under the heading “Verktyg” (Tools”).

All the documents provided by the municipalities are free to use in your organization.

The content of the website is in Swedish. Feel free to use a translation tool to translate the content!

About the project in media

Euronews: Green city living: Seven municipalities in southern Sweden run on fossil-free fuels